DumpWater wizards! trades as the IPPTS Associates (leachate design and management consultancy), and provides the following leachate treatment related consultancy services to UK clients:

  • Advice on leachate treatment (4 landfill sites) for a large UK waste management company.
  • Feasibility study reporting for a UK City Council on the possible decommissioning of an existing leachate treatment plant for which direct discharge direct to sewer is being investigated and may, if permissible, save the Council the substantial current LTP operating costs.
  • Leachate Treatment Plant (LTP) Design, Commissioning and Process Optimisation.
  • Pollution problem resolution for clients who have experienced a plant failure, or have been informed by the environmental regulator that a non-consented polluting discharge has occurred, and as a result their (treated or untreated) discharge is, or was, illegal.

– We would be pleased to talk to you if you have a leachate treatment or related problem which you consider we may be able to assist you with. Just contact us with details of your project/ requirements.


Project 1: Extended Aeration SBR Leachate Treatment Plants

The Leachate Buster completed the following successful leachate treatment plants which have both been in successful operation at their respective landfills for over 20 years.     The above are just two of over 20 such leachate treatment plants completed by the Leachate Buster!

Project 2

Coming Soon.