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Leachate Treatment in the UK

Leachate Treatment in the UK has traditionally always been dominated by biological treatment. For example, very few Reverse Osmosis Plants have been installed on UK landfills. Biological leachate treatment design skills, which form the core of so many UK leachate treatment plants don’t appear to exist outside the UK. The result has been a rash […]

A leachate batch reactor for assessing a leachate treatment plant design.

Leachate Treatment Process – 5 Top Steps to Designing One

Are you Designing a Leachate Treatment Process? If so, you will need to correctly select the best process design, and use the most efficient of all possible leachate treatment process. If that’s you, you really should study what’s important. Quite simply, you should read this! “Designing a Leachate Treatment Process is a complex task given […]

Leachate Treatment Greenhouse Gas Emission – Why You Should Minimize It

Would it not be handy if you could minimise leachate treatment greenhouse gas emission? Well, in fact you should minimize it. Most nations are in the process of adopting climate change policies, so it will soon become an obligation. Keep reading this article to find out more… “Although the principle of minimizing greenhouse gas emissions […]

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Learn How to Assess Leachate Treatment by Electrolysis In 5 Clear Steps

Leachate treatment electrolysis has been studied for more than 20 years and many academic papers suggest that it can be used for leachate treatment. But are these ideas likely to provide a reliable and cost effective leachate treatment plant design? Read more… “Make sure that any leachate electrolysis process offered truly is a tried and […]

Image shows a man pointing at a leachate denitrification headline.

Leachate Denitrification Treatment Positives and Negatives

Denitrification is a microbially facilitated process where nitrate (NO3−) is reduced and ultimately produces molecular nitrogen (N2) through a series of intermediate gaseous nitrogen oxide products. Definition: Facultative anaerobic bacteria perform denitrification as a type of respiration that reduces oxidized forms of nitrogen in response to the oxidation of an electron donor such as organic […]

Leachate Treatment by Heat Treated Zeolite Media

There’s a product within the leachate treatment by heat treated zeolite media category, named “heat treated zeolite” that at first glance shows quite a lot of promise. For leachate treatment. Read more here. “We provide our comments on a new material with good adsorption properties which might be useful for leachate treatment” . New products […]

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Leachate Treatment by Filtration – The Three Mistakes People Make

Inexperienced designers of leachate treatment plants get things wrong and fail when they use leachate treatment by filtration. Displayed below are the 3 most widespread errors that individuals make with those that decide to install a leachate treatment filtration system such as a percolating/trickling filter, “Leachate Treatment by Filtration seems like a easy and cheap […]

Constructed Wetlands: When Are They The Right Treatment? In 3 Basic Steps

There are many methods worth looking at looking for landfill leachate treatment projects and landfill leachate treatment systems designers have got a lot to pick from. To assess whether leachate treatment in constructed wetlands would be suitable for your landfill leachate treatment, we suggest that you read this article. “Leachate treatment in constructed wetlands that […]

Five Good Reasons You Ought To Look Into The Leachate Treatment Bioreactor To Treat Leachate

Five reasons why perhaps you should look into the leachate treatment bioreactor to treat leachate, and work those into your decision process. Perhaps you have thought that perhaps you should look into the leachate treatment bioreactor to treat leachate ? A few have asked themselves that question, replied yes, and have taken actions to accomplish […]

Leachate Treatment by Coagulation – Advantages and Disadvantages

There are lots of elements for, and even more in opposition, to leachate treatment by coagulation. You should know and comprehend these pros and cons. This information is intended to inform you about the main advantages and disadvantages regarding leachate treatment by coagulation. “Leachate treatment by coagulation is almost never a good idea, and could […]