Leachate lake.

Why is Leachate from Landfills of Concern?

OK. So you want to know why is leachate from landfills of concern. The reasons why leachate from landfills is of concern are many and are best considered by first discussing what landfills contain and the escape pathways leachate containing those substances may follow. Landfill leachate is formed when rainwater infiltrates and percolates through the […]

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Effects of Leachate on Groundwater

There can be serious effects of leachate on groundwater: A release of leachate to the groundwater may present several risks to human health and the environment. The release of hazardous and nonhazardous components of leachate may render an aquifer unusable for drinking-water purposes and other uses. Leachate impacts to groundwater may also present a danger […]

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Why is Leachate Bad?

Why is leachate bad? is often asked. The answer is explained here in its potential to pollute, cause fish-kills and make water supplies undrinkable. Leachate is produced in landfills and it is just about the worst thing landfills do to the environment. The Bad Impacts of Leachate if it Escapes Landfills (Rubbish Dumps) Into the […]

Image shows leachate tanks, often used as part of leachate treatment systems. Leachate awaiting removal to a POTW.

Leachate Treatment Systems 101 – Landfill Training for Beginners

All you need to know about the term “leachate treatment systems“. In this 101 style article we have set out to answer any questions beginners may have about leachate treatment systems. We have tried to cover all the basic principles and concepts using curation. Through curation we provide extracts and links to the original authority […]

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What is Leachate Treatment | How is Leachate Treated?

What is leachate treatment?; is a common question soon to be followed by the follow on question of how is leachate treated? Read on and we’ll do our best to explain: Definition of Leachate A leachate is any liquid that, in the course of passing through matter, extracts soluble or suspended solids, or any other […]

Image is an activated carbon treatment process diagram.

Activated Carbon Leachate Treatment In Easy Steps

Activated carbon leachate treatment can be used to remove organic chemicals and reduce toxicity in water to allow safe discharge of treated landfill leachate into groundwaters, and streams. Used in granular form as GAC or powdered (as PAC), it is highly effective for odor removal and for the sequestration of soluble organic chemicals (COD and, […]