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We are the DumpWater Wizards! Landfill leachate experts, with a long career in solving landfill leachate problems for landfill operators. Offering innovative, cost saving, Leachate Management and Treatment Solutions.

The primary purpose of this site is to share our knowledge of leachate management and treatment via our company IPPTS Associates – Leachate Information and Consultancy.

Not only that, but Leachate Collection and Extraction, General Leachate Management, Leachate Water Quality Analysis, Leachate Emissions, and Water Pollution as well.

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Leachate Treatment is an Expanding Market with Developing Process Technologies.

All current sanitary MSW landfills built to modern standards globally are now lined and capped on completion, of which about ¾ generate leachate requiring removal, and of those about 50% will require on-site leachate treatment.

We estimate that with rising affluence in the developing nations by 2020 there will be 3,000 – 5,000 large sanitary landfills averaging from 200,000 to 1 Million tonnes per year of waste input annually. That's about 2,250 to 3,750 supersized landfills globally, requiring 1,500 to 2,500 sophisticated leachate treatment plants, costing between $1.5 million and $4 million each (2011 prices).

Smaller landfills are likely to account for at least the same number of leachate treatment plants again.

While recycling and residual waste diversion for landfill will reduce waste to landfill in the US and Europe, waste diversion will have little impact on the industrialising nations as a whole which will continue to raise the proportion of their national wastes collected.

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